The Wisdom of the Horse

Publicerad 2020-10-15
Ann-Britt och Kenneth tillsammans med Divina

Have you ever looked into the eye of a horse and experienced the deep connection between your soul and the horse’s soul? Felt like he shares his ancient wisdom with you? The horse looks straight through you. Sees everything and knows everything about you. He sees your inner self what you do not show to anyone, almost not even to yourself. In my work with FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning), I have experienced how the horses change people’s lives and how they can help us heal.

The horse helps us to hold space in a very unique way. He does not try to fix us or comfort us. The horse never judges us and never makes us feel inferior. Nor does he try to influence us. He is there by our side, without words, if we ask for it. Many have told me how a horse saved them during their messy teens. Countless teenage tears have fallen into a horse’s mane. Several participants in our workshops have experienced as if the horses have been calling them to visit us. They have started dreaming about horses. They felt like they just had to find us.

A horse takes you straight to the core of the matter and help you find your own answers inside. They have a gentle way of bringing unconscious feelings to the surface and hold a safe space for you to release them. In FEEL you learn by doing and this is enriched by the direct experience together with the horse. Instead of trying to solve problems logically, new thought patterns, emotions, behaviors and bodily experiences are now created. The horse helps you regain contact with your emotions and your inner self. The horse also gives you an authentic relationship with support and love without judging you. He is there for you, completely unpretentious. He helps you to dare to see your inner self, the part of yourself you never otherwise show. Barely even to yourself.

Horses immediately sense how you are feeling and they pick up everything, from a broken heart to an injured knee. Many emotions are brought to the surface, which creates an opportunity for emotional learning and provides new choices when it comes to developing relationships and emotions. You get the opportunity to feel a physical touch that is not threatening. A hug from a horse gives an incredibly strong experience. Even people who have had bad experiences in life dare to receive unconditional love from the horse. A hug or a touch from a horse creates healing.

By seeing yourself reflected in the horse, you gain an increased understanding of your behaviors. You gain consensus and learn to regulate your way of acting. The funny thing is that we are happy to change our behavior if the horse becomes anxious in an exercise, because we are frustrated or stressed. You learn to confront your fears, build courage and confidence when you spend time with an animal as majestic as a horse.