Akashic Records appr 270 Euro/Dollar

A reading includes my work to open and read your book in the Akashic Records and then a coaching conversation where we go through what I found. The call takes approximately 60 minutes and is recorded. You get the recording afterwards, so you don’t have to distract yourself with taking notes when we talk.

Do you feel that there is something in your house, or surroundings that is not OK? You can book a property cleansing at the same time to get the full effect of your soul restoration. You then get a discount on that cleaning of SEK 895 instead of SEK 1,295

Approx 270 Dollars or Euros. All prices in the webshop are in Swedish kronas.

Once a reading has started, you cannot cancel it.

I am an Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Life Coach, Shamanic Womb Coach and an Advanced FEEL Practitioner (where I work with my horses as teachers in my coaching)

This reading is the beginning of a magic journey.

From here we can look at different life situations that bug you.

Would you like to know who your Spirit Guides are? Well, let’s find out.

There is no limit to what we can do and figure out.

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Akashic Records appr 270 Euro/Dollar

Step into your Divine Soul Purpose and live an abundant life filled with ease and joy.

Since you are reading this you have probably already done some progress on your spiritual journey but you may feel that some pieces of the puzzle are missing.

Maybe you feel that it’s time to find your soul’s assignment because there is only one of your and you are beautiful and completely unique.

Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work – although you meditate and manifest it doesn’t turn out the way you want.

The Akashic Records contain everything you need to be able to live in the nature of your Divine soul; find the purpose and origin of the soul, your unique gifts and your spiritual path.

Do you want to know why you attract what you do, when you actually wanted something completely different?

When we open your book in the Akashic Records, we can find the root of negative patterns that are restricting you. We look at negative karmic patterns that may be controlling you. By balancing these, we can create new healthy behaviors.

You will find a new level of spiritual growth.

Step into your Divine soul’s gifts and live an abundant life with a positive flow – because your are worth it!

When your soul was once created, a completely unique and eternal pattern, a Blueprint, was formed. It is like a composition of vibrations and everything in the Universe consists of energy with different vibrational patterns.

What choices are you making today that are affected by this pattern?

You will get to know both the positive and negative aspects and as a result you will understand what is happening in you and around you in a better way.

You will get to know your soul’s origination.

Do you have past life contracts, vows and bargains that stick to you and hold you back even in this life?

How does your life today relate to inherited karmic patterns? How might these affect the choices you make now in this life?

These karmic patterns can prevent you from living your full potential. Let us clear your Soul’s blueprint of these patterns.

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