Divine Transformation Program

Three month program with two 1-1 coaching-sessions/month. Coaching on Zoom or FreeConferenceCall

Personalized to fit your needs and wishes

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Divine Transformation Program

Divine Transformation means that you will never try to fit into someone else’s box again.
And you will never lower your volume to fit in either.

Our world need loud women who stand up for themselves. When you find your Soul’s Purpose everything becomes clear. It becomes easier to stand in your power.

Never forget that you are a Divine Soul.

With Soul Realignment® we can find out what is blocking and/or restricting you. It could be patterns from past lives that are affecting your life today.

We can clear those and get rid of old karmic patterns that have been following your soul because of choices you have been making. This has probably been going on for generations.

In this program we will realign your soul to your Divine Purpose and then we will put together a program that suits your needs.

It could be Chakra balancing, clearing genetic karma, looking at different life situations that take up your energy.  Or we could dive into relationship reading. There is no limit and plenty of possibilities.

Finding your Soul’s Purpose is a transformation that will unlock so much power in you and give back your energy.

You will get a fully personalized, super powerful, program with Soul Realignment® and coaching for three months.

I have done the journey myself, going from being insecure and  bullied as a child. I’m now an unapologetically strong and loud woman who take no BS. I’m the slighty crazy Crone who shows you that everything is possible no matter what age, size or color you are.

My background; Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Life Coach, Shamanic Womb Coach and Advanced FEEL Practitioner (where I bring my horses as teachers in my coaching)

If you have any questions please contact me for a talk ann-britt@bolindercoachning.se

Link to the first reading that is included in Divine Transformation:


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